Saturday, April 1, 2023

A sneak-peak into a Kuwaiti Techpreneur & Influencer’s life revolving around gadgets and Apple products – Nawaf Alsuwaiyed aka ELZEER

With the advent of technology, complicacy in understanding it is at par. And to be a master of Apple products, you must hit your head hard onto it. Or just approach a tech guy who can simply provide you a helping hand in being attached to its use. Let’s meet one such IT guy from Kuwait who can give his expert solution in the category of technology and something important about Apple products and services.

Nawaf Salem Alsuwaiyed is a Tech Influencer and a Reviewer since 2009. More than a decade, he has been reviewing the various Apple products and its services. He is popularly known as ELZEER. He started his YouTube Channel back in 2009 in the month of April where he shared the reviews and information related to all the products of the giant brand. From YouTube, he has multiplied his work spreading through other social platforms like Instagram and Twitter too.

Let’s go back to his academic background and find out who he is. Nawaf is a Computer Engineer having Majors in his graduation. Since his academics, he is associated with tech gadgets and its programming and applications. It drove his obsession for new tech and its services that led him to become one of the top and well-known tech influencers in his country and in the Middle-East.

Today Nawaf is the Co-Founder and Partner of Recipe Group for Advertising & Marketing that specializes in branding, digital content creation, consultation and training. With each unique client, Recipe Group indulges in strategy making tailoring it according to the client’s needs to get better reach and brand out in the market. Nawaf also engages his ‘Recipe’ in creating authentic and great contents from past 12 years along with beneficial consultancy and training services. With innovation as its themed idea, Recipe involves excellence in delivery to their clients. Creating valuable ideas and executing them well in the field of small businesses, companies and other organizations, it just assists them in branding, content creation, digital marketing, web design and consulting.

He is the first Blogger and Influencer to visit Netflix headquarters in San Francisco to cover the launch of the service worldwide with the release of the second season of the ‘Daredevil’ series. Also, Nawaf is the first Kuwaiti blogger who was invited to cover the event of the announcement of the iPhone XS in Apple Park in San Francisco in the year 2018. After opening his YouTube channel in 2009, he partnered with YouTube two years later in 2011 and with he became the first among the Kuwaitians to do so. Lastly, he became the first to go on a partnership with Apple Middle East from 2015 and continuing till the present.

Nawaf gained much respect on becoming a Consultant for the Ministry of Commerce in 2016-17 and for the Ministry of Youth for social media in 2016. He chose the right track in reviewing tech products and its services and that too of Apple because it was the one that has entered every household, every office giving us the choice of doing anything we like in much accessible ways.

Much of Apple’s success comes from the iPhone. Thus, his iPhone pro tips have helped the Kuwaitians and other nations around where Apple products have had the market base at a permanent level. The core Apple guy is to cling with iPhone and Apple products fully in the upcoming future too.