Saturday, April 1, 2023

Lisbon retail outlet emptied

The Colombo Shopping Center, in Lisbon, is set to return to people in general on Monday, after a fire that broke out today and which caused three wounds constrained the clearing of the structure.

“The episode will expect work to guarantee the cleaning and broadcasting of the space, to meet every one of the circumstances to get guests, retailers and different representatives”, said the organization of Centro Colombo.

That’s what the organization added, right now, “measures are being taken to permit the section of workers to shut down the stores and eliminate the vehicles that are in the parking area of the structure”.

“The Administration of Centro Colombo illuminates that the Center will continue its not unexpected procedure on Monday, June 27th”, demonstrated the note, affirming the presence of a few minor wounds.

Reached by Lusa, a source from the Lisbon Fire Brigade Regiment, said that the fire in Colombo had prompted three minor wounds, two of them because of smoke inward breath.

The three harmed were moved to the Hospital de Santa Maria, in Lisbon.

As per a source from the organization of Centro Comercial Colombo, the fire broke out, at 1:30 pm, in a power change station situated on a stacking and dumping wharf.

That’s what a similar source added, “on the guidance of the specialists, as a preventive measure, power and gas administrations were cut, which is the reason the structure must be emptied”.