Saturday, April 1, 2023

Meet a Famous Coach, Mentor & Professor –  Guillermo Amor Roca

The world is running at its own pace from time to time. In this rapidly changing world, the population has been jostling in the crowd of competition. The fact is, we have actually forgotten to find our inner ‘self’. We are going to find very few who actually thinks and lives for the betterment of others. They have given their self in benefitting others’ lives.  Guillermo Amor Roca is one such being who we are going to meet here.

Basically from Barcelona in Spain, Guillermo Amor Roca identifies himself as a coach, mentor and communicator on self-knowledge and personal development. He is the Co-Director, Professor and official Coach of the Master Personal Development at @kuestiona.

This era has made people materialistic in every way possible but we, people have forgotten the ‘real’ meaning of life. In order to live the ‘life’ it is much important to know ourselves. So the knowledge of self is essential here. Without knowing your ‘self’ you cannot develop your personality. When a child grows, he or she is taught the ethics of life with the age-long basics of education- the A, B, Cs.  This shapes the personality of the child as he learns it step by step.

Personal development is an important tool in shaping our success path either in education or in dealing with people or in handling any situation of life. Entrepreneur and Coach, Guillermo Amor conducts conferences, workshops and provides certain courses at a national and international level for the general public who is in great need of it. The prime purpose of these conferences and workshops is to empower people to free themselves from the shackles of their limitations and live the true meaning of life.

Do you have the eagerness to learn more about him? If yes, then here he is. Professor Amor is dedicated to creating and facilitating innovative and advanced learning and transformation processes through tools based on emotional intelligence and mindfulness. He works every day to cultivate and promote the fundamental values of freedom- love and creativity in the world. According to him, the key is not to seek answers but to ask yourself good questions. Talking about social media interactions, he is admired by about 15K followers on Instagram. Do check his Instagram page and you will find good thoughts and positivity in each of his post. The way he has penned down every post is worth reading. Also visit to know more about his activities.  

A decade ago, he was a total different personality. He says that he has undergone a strong process of change, with a near death experience, that completely transformed his life into the life he is living now. This allowed him to discover his purpose, which is to share the wisdom that has been transmitted from the beginning of the philosophical thought of humanity to our times. Thousands of people have been inspired by him who attended the conferences and courses that Amor teaches at international level.

Coach and mentor by profession, Guillermo considers himself to be an optimist. He is also friendly and patient with the ability to listen and adapt. He adds that he feels enthusiastic and is grateful to accompany people in their processes of change in order for them to find meaning in their personal and professional lives.

The selfless activity of Professor Amor is in itself an entity drawing people’s attention towards him, knowing him and admiring him. We hope that many more individuals engage themselves in dedicating their time in selfless activities like that of Guillermo Amor so that together we can create a better world to live in and be the change we want to see in this world.

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